Thursday, March 6, 2008

Kate Nash

I decided i was going to spend last night hanging out with myself. i downloaded a kate nash album (who i had seen on conan or leno a few nights earlier, or maybe david letterman... depending on what my mood may have been) and listened to it twice. it was refreshing to listen to something new. my ipod seems to have been stuck on the same mix for the last two months. needless to say there are 63 songs that i am now quite familiar with... none of which i felt like listening to. the kate nash album seemed like an exciting new place to go for the night. but more importantly than simply being new, turns out it was new and good, and that is always a plus. the usual late night snack of smart balance peanut butter spread on 12 grain bread was something short of delightful.
i was two thirds of the way through my second time listening to the album when a small bomb went off in times square. and for those who werent aware of where i live *looks out the window and admires his neon tan*... nuff said. so, it was loud, it was long, and i was stoned. at least, stoned enough to hear this and wait three seconds prepared for the shock wave to smash my window and give me lukemia. three seconds past, i was alive. thank (insert diety here). slightly less stoned, i turned on the tv to see what the fuck was going on. turns out lots of infomercials and 90s sitcoms were on (this, of course, was not a new discovery, just an observation). i turned to the channel where you can spy on the city. every few seconds it shifts between different cameras throughout manhattan and lingers extra long on times square. there were a number of police cars about three streets down from me. traffic was flowing. nothing really wrong.
no one was hurt except for uncle sam who had been residing on the poster at the military recruiting station that was vandalized.
i say vandalized cause nothing really happened, just a loud bang and broken glass. it was a top story on the army looked very brave. in a slightly less popular story, real bombs killed real people in semi-real israel. suddenly my loud bang and pause for aftershock seemed silly. i got one text message early that morning from jill asking if i heard the explosion in times square. she filled me in. in short, nothing really exciting happened today. no wait! i bought my first energy efficient light bulb today!

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